Critical question for successful small business owners and decision-makers ... ...who STILL cannot calm growth's chaos, end work exhaustion, and can only dream of looking great in shorts or a swimming suit in 2 months

If there was a predictable, step-by-step method to improve the health of you and your business AT THE SAME TIME without confusion, overwhelm, or increased exhaustion...

Would you finally feel confident enough to make an investment in the health of you and your business your number 1 priority?

Here's why anything short of excellent health is costing you big time

Everyday business gets faster, more chaotic, and you need to adjust and keep pace

Everyday customers change their mind, change their order, threaten to go to a competitor who they say offers more reliability, more responsiveness, or more agility

Question is:

Are you keeping up with all the changes or are you just trying to keep your head above water?

If you want to thrive and not just survive, the success of your business requires constant adept adjustment and rests heavily on your answer to this question:


That neither you nor your business are physically capable of ADEPTLY KEEPING UP with continuous change without burning out or having a serious stress related health problems


Your current change initiatives feel random at best (and still don't get rid of the chaos) draining your energy and failing to achieve a calm, controlled state that would make any of the change worth it...

Then Keep Reading...

Because what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on a few short weeks from now when your energy is high, change doesn't phase you, and your no stress growth proves it.

But First...

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The Million Dollar Question

You're probably asked this at least once a day.

More if you're networking like crazy trying to get business to come in, less (if at all) if you have so much business that you can't get away because things will get dropped

Business extremes are a killer

Then comes the question...



It's like the song says "Smile though your heart is breaking" ...And it just might be  

How do you smile and talk as though you have everything under control when racing through your mind is the latest problem added to all the other overwhelming to-do's that never leave the to-do list, just keep adding to it.

As small business owners, we completely understand the stamina and endurance needed for business growth spurts. We've been there, done it (business growth is so much easier when you feel good), and continue to adjust our businesses to continue pleasing and delighting customers. You already know that adjustment never stops.

Add in changing business requirements that are in-addition-to, not a replacement for, what you are already doing and it's a gourmet recipe for increased stress. Just think about all the computer time required

They say sitting is the new smoking - with our reliance on sit-at-your-desk digital technologies, "smoking" is on the rise. None of the deadly effects are gone, just the actual smoke.

Eating is catch-as-catch can. You don't like it, but there's so much to do. Mirror looks are avoided, or at least minimized, and you know the wrong internal changes mean increased danger for disease as well as sluggish brain power - not what you need right now with everything hanging in the balance

And the most painful part is, you're spending long days and nights working to just get through this, but have few results to show for all your work

The stress doesn't leave, the frustrations mount, the anxiety lingers, and you are more out-of-shape with each passing day...

It's like a recipe for total system-wide failure for both your business and your health

But even still...

For me and my business, I'm grateful people kept asking that how's business going question.

And I'm grateful that people have kept asking YOU the same question.

Because that single question...and the ACTIONS you take to finally answer it without the frustration, without the internal churning, without the anxiety, holds the key to the sustainable success of your business and your health. 

You deserve to achieve the revenue you should have for the excellent work you do, instead of be subject to the constant exhaustion and overwhelm of running a rapidly growing business that takes everything you've got, including your health, to keep it going.

You deserve the calm that comes from knowing, without a doubt, that your business is stable and growing at the same time instead of being subject to the health destroying, nagging worry that you won't attract enough of the right clients in time to save your business.

You've earned the right to enjoy your family, your friends, and an active lifestyle without worrying that your business may crash around your ears the instant you walk away to relax or go on a well deserved vacation.

It all works together

But before you can CONFIDENTLY take those ACTIONS, you must first get aquainted with...

The 3 Reasons Your Still Stuck with a Cronic Case of...


(and how to get to Top-of-Your-Game in 4 weeks)

Reason 1: Your the one everyone depends on for everything

Let me guess

Once your amazing idea took off you brought in amazing people to expand capabilities 

But with everything changing in today's economy, you're barely able to keep everyone informed of the new goals much less creating new strategies and programs to keep your business competitive

How can your employees be expected to: 

  • Keep up with the work they already have while 
  • Keeping up with all the changing customer demands while
  • Keeping up with all the new competitive demands while
  • Making sure whatever they come up with aligns with the business goals, doesn't conflict with what everyone else is doing and creating, and doesn't interfere with on-going business operations?

It's overwhelming enough for you as the person who sees the big picture and adding more people to the change mix is a recipe for chaos - and you already have enough of that

But it's in knowing the right mix of change work and each person's capacity to handle how much of what type of change that allows you to adapt faster without the chaos

What you need:

You need to know how to build confidence that you and your business will be de-stressed and disease free while enjoying increased capacity launch well beyond what you thought was ever possible. A performance roadmap that will show you an open road to cruise at top speed - one that everyone in your organization can drive safely - even when you're not doing the driving.

Reason 2: Work-life balance is a dream - when do I have time to work out and learn something new - even if it will help?

With the faster pace of business, just keeping up takes everything you've got

As good as it sounds, taking time off, even a small amount, just won't work - too many fires, too little time


Your work doesn't keep the pounds off or your muscles in shape and putting out fires doesn't fix the underlying problems that if truly fixed will open up time

What you need:

High impact, highly targeted, quick results workouts for your body AND high impact, highly targeted, easy-to-learn tools to eliminate problems while building in the health and time to enjoy them. Increasing your strength and endurance means you can adjust fast without hurting yourself or your company.

Reason 3: Workouts are all generic - besides, once I pay I'm just a number 

Gyms seem to all work off the same business plan - herd people in, get them to sign up fast after the cool stuff tour, and then leave them paying for time never taken advantage of


Because regular gyms are boring. Who wants to do the same workout shown to you in an expensive - but dissatisfying training session? The same machines over and over, never knowing if you're progressing or just damaging your knees.

Your body, fitness level, and exercise abilities change daily depending on what you are involved with and how stressful life is. Why don't those trainers know that?

What you need:

A trainer who is constantly at your side adjusting your workout to your exercise potential for each activity and for no extra charge. You want variety in the workout - even if on the same machines, and you need to know the answer to "Is this really producing results" or "Am I wasting my time"?

“If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

- Michael Jordan 

Knock down your obstacles - click here

Improving your business and health at the same time is easier than ever - and you CAN do it 

If you've made it this far, you ALREADY know building your body health and your business takes stamina and focus to do correctly and they are critical to the success of your business and life

No need to tell you that

But maybe you didn't know that by concentrating on your body health and your business health at the same time using the transformational methods that we're about to share with you, you'll also have the power to...

  • Build a solid infrastructure that withstands whatever the economy throws at it so you move faster than your competitors
  • Know what needs to be done and let your people do it, fully confident they'll collaboratively shape spot-on competitive advantage without always having to rely on you 
  • Attract investment because you're organized and aligned inside your busines while exuding self-assurance and strength outside your business that you, as its leader, are absolutely ready to meet any challenge 
  • Alertly assess opportunities and threats without overwhelm or brain-fogged judgement
  • Differentiate based on customized, advanced performance others cannot copy or provide - meaning you no longer have to compete on price 
  • Answer without hesitation that business is going great and is comfortably growing 

Yes, these outcomes are totally within reach and you don't have to slowly wait for mastery

...But they do depend on you committing to dual path, step-by-step tactics

Tactics that rely on proven science customized to your needs while providing the focus necessary to stop chaos and drama going on now that threatens to pull teams apart, push customers away, and keep you working beyond your point of exhaustion

Body Fusion Fit Club and Process & Strategy Solutions have been developing and using these tactics for over a combined 60 years, proving time and again that when both your body and your business are healthy, nothing stops you from growing AND having time to enjoy life.

No complicated, Ph.D. level effort required to pull it off


You'll excitedly point back only 4 weeks from when we start because you set the new goal, pushed the "reset" button, kickstarted recovery and improvement and now look forward to your casual Friday tropical shirt and short/skort apparel 

Body Fusion Fit Club - John Hardwick - Marina Harnum 

Before age 40 our bodies bounce back quickly

But after 40, we have to be smart about getting and staying in shape. It takes a different approach.

Using over 30 years of combined fitness experience, science, tech, and healing, we design programs focused on you and your goals - not generic goals you get from other trainers - but your goals. They build your fitness and health by easily fitting into your lifestyle and work schedule, getting you results and improved health rapidly with fewer workouts required.

This isn't guesswork - we know it because we live it. Our passion is to help you live your fullest life.

Process & Strategy Solutions - Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky  

As a small business, it's only getting tougher to survive. There's so much more...

  • marketing noise drowning out your message of real value 
  • fakery, proclamations of expertise - you can spot them in an instant, yet your customers can't. 
  • doubt if you can really deliver the change required
  • time and energy to quickly adapt

For over 18 years, we've helped businesses end doubt, showcase value, deliver lasting results, adapt fast and grow without chaos or drama

Not theory: real small biz expertise and industry experience. Our passion is to help you lead and your business thrive.


I just finished Cynthia’s Performance Management program, where everyone was required to identify an area of improvement or a business opportunity.  

The program was incredible! The methodology guided us through a systematic approach that allows us to identify, design, evaluate, and ultimately helped me determine the viability of a new service offering for our GS1 Standards consulting company.  

I loved participating in the live online classes, working with other business owners with similar problems and opportunities, and seeing them reach their AH moments. Cynthia is amazing as an instructor; she is very knowledgeable and able to shift gears based on the discussion as well as keep the class on track. Cynthia is always available for questions. She did an excellent job of explaining complex information and how it applied specifically to our specific businesses. 

Karen Fleshman, Cofounder/COO at Haskins Advisory Group

Kate Ouellette-Cretsinger

I've been going to Body Fusion for only 2 months.... since then I have gained lean muscle mass, my body fat % has gone down and I have lost weight (which isn't a focus of mine) and this is the strongest I have EVER been!! I'm able to do 18 dips unattended!!! ...I have never met a better team than at Body Fusion. John Hardwick and Marina Handyside Harnum are very knowledgeable, very welcoming and very personable...I honestly have to say that It's nice showing up and not have to worry if I'm going to have to modify a move or not!! This isn't your typical gym

Matt Philips

This is what a gym is supposed to be: comfortable, friendly, personal and personalized, next-gen technology, actually-expert staff (not just last-century conventional wisdom), convenient, pay-as-you-go or month-to-month contract, zero sales pressure, and comprehensive - body, mind, diet, exercise, mental, physical. One of the few places with ARX machines in the country - everything you thought about weightlifting is wrong. Come check it out, you owe it to yourself.

YOUR AHA AND AHHH MOMENTS ARE ABOUT TO BEGIN with our new, successfully-tackle-the-tough-stuff-without-breaking-a-sweat (well, maybe a little sweat) system...

Introducing Build Your Body Build Your Business

Build Your Body Build - Your Business is the first program fully designed to speed up regaining body health and stamina while at the same time speeding up your business health and stamina so you can amplify your results no matter what type of business you have or where you are right now with your health. 

It's built not only for business owner fitness buffs....

But for leaders, founders, small business decision-makers and executives, and ANYONE responsible for growing competitive small businesses faster and with genuine impact

3 Ways the Energy and Productivity You Gain From Build Your Body - Build Your Business Will Grow Your Business

4 Powerful "Core" Fitness Trainings that focus on different fitness aspects required to develop strength, competence and endurance as a leader. People trust leaders who look like leaders - in shape, upright, and energetic enough they can trust you will be there when they need you, which in turns opens the floodgates to greater sales and growth and personal pride that you did it

4 Performance Sessions eliminating old, out-of-date business thinking that wastes your time and money focusing on the wrong things for today's competitive market. Replacing out-of-date thinking removes you from the constraint of staying in your business and substitutes in the excitement of working on your business so you can strategize the next big win.

You will align to customer values making you the most attractive option and creating raving fans that act as part of your sales force. You'll understand the exact aspects each part of your business must emphasize to please and delight customers without having to constantly run around established processes and procedures causing chaos and confusion - meaning you please more customers in less time

Bonus Activity that improves brain function, eliminates toxin buildup for faster recovery, removes business-killing beliefs, and one-to-one training for each and every session - you are never left to guess, never become just a number, and eliminates the same-old same-old process run around that frustrates your employees and your customers.

These are three things we consistently do to improve work-life balance since something is always changing AND because additional energy and productivity means fast agile solution creation quickly put in place.

In fact, Cynthia is going through a business growth spurt right now and in mid-March began working out with Body Fusion to gain more energy (and to get in shape for summer clothing weather coming up soon). She'll be sharing her results with you the weeks of April 15 through week of May 6. So far, in just 2 1/2 weeks she has more energy, is more present, and, is feeling the positive physical changes. We want you to get those same fast results. We wouldn't be reaching out to you unless we knew this worked - AND IT DOES


From the first time you join us, you'll be initiated into mindsets and methods top athletes and business leaders use


Interval Training Like you've never experienced it before - build endurance results so you outdistance any sabertoothed tiger that you're pitted against

Strength Training Machines automatically adjust to where you are each second making workouts safer - and - you're always with a trainer customizing your activity

MicroImpact It's what astronauts and cosmonauts use to keep their skeletal, muscular, blood and lymphatic systems healthy during space station duty. 6 mile walk equivalent in 10 minutes plus all the other benefits - we're not kidding when we say efficient workouts

Performance Profiler Target performance accurately based on the customers you serve, want to serve, while eliminating drama. Uncover what you must really deliver and prioritize the steps to achieve it

Align for Results Successfully communicate what must happen by when and why in measurable terms eliminating confusion and wasted time while aligning activity correctly throughout your business

Human Learning While machine learning has its place, it takes a human to constantly analyze changes against plans and strategize how to adjust to increase performance. Exciting? Sure, and its at the heart of what you as a leader must master

Rejuvenation Never worry about having brain fog when you need brain function, or having your cells show their age as you weather business difficulties. More than that typical muscle work because we work to reach a well-balance you

Workout Scheduler We'll automatically remind you of your sessions. Biz and body in the same place to eliminate hassle and get you the largest impact in the shortest amount of time

Build ROI Carefully designed exercises for you and your team to encourage deep thought and detailed discussion about how to best invest time, resources, and money  

Achieve ROI Put everything in practice during our 4 weeks of eliminating problems, gaining insight, advancing strategy, and making money sessions

"To keep winning, I have to keep improving."

- Craig Alexander, 4-time Ironman World Champion

Our 400% Guarantee: if 100% of your time with us you put in 100% effort and do 100% of the work, we 100% guarentee you will get results for both improved health and business

We are passionate about helping you get those results.  

Each week, beginning the week of April 15 and continuing for 4 weeks through the week of May 6 (you'll choose the day and time slot that works best for your shedule), within 1 hour's time per week, you'll have a 1/2 hour physical workout and a 1/2 hour business workout  

Physically you'll strengthen and leanup muscle, fortify your skeletal system, and improve your circulatory and lymphatic systems. You'll also clear out toxins, clear up skin, and cast out cognitive blocks.  

Business-wise, you'll strategically map your customers (a critical aspect that's changed drastically with all the data flyng around these days), analyze competitive gaps, determine key operations, and develop an aligned, gap-eliminating, business connecting, communication enhancing plan that you'll start implementing during our 4 weeks together.

This is the only program offered to build both body and business - because stamina and endurance in one creates stamina and endurance in the other - and stamina and endurance create a stable foundation for growth and life


Important questions business people just like you ask 

1. I'd really like to get me and my business in shape - but I've already got a full plate. How much time will this really take?

Being small business owners ourselves - we completely understand

We've been right there too, sneaking in a few more minutes of computer or iPhone messaging time when you think no one is looking.

Missed meals replaced by popcorn or whatever else is quick

And now it feels like we're asking you to add yet one more thing to that never ending to-do list

But here's the thing...

You already know that exhaustion and overwork makes everything you do take longer. Chaos is a sure indicator that something is not aligning correctly inside your business or to your customer's values. And if you are not performing at peak performance and high efficiency, that list and chaos just continue to grow. 

Build You Body - Build Your Business frees you from low efficiency performance because you'll learn processes and tactics that shorten your work while increasing performance - physical workouts are made to achieve more results than any regular gym or cycling class you find - and the physical performance you build transfers right into your business performance

This life-changing program begins the week of April 15, 2019 (great way to eliminate tax season stress) and finishes the week of May 6, 2019

Just 1 hour per week gives you 2 super charged sessions: 1/2 hour body, 1/2 hour business. Even better, as impactful as the workouts are, they do not cause you to break a sweat, so you are back in the office in record time, no shower required, feeling better and getting the desired increase in performance, which means things come off the to-do list in record time, too.

1 short hour - much long term payoff

2. But what about the rest of my business? Is this going to require everyone else to work extra? Will I be required to hire people to do all the extra work for due to the improved performance?

If the result of your business performance work causes your business to skyrocket - well, maybe. But then again, with your new alignment and efficiencies, maybe not.

Starting in our first session, we're going to investigate how you are aligned to the customers you serve and the customers you want to serve. If there are gaps, we'll figure them out. Those gaps waste time and require more people than necessary - you're fighting to push through problem areas caused by these gaps each time you serve a customer. With your new found alignment, that push will transform into continuous, effortless customer flow. 

And continuous flow means doing more with what you have.

Remember, the physical workouts improve your work performance. You'll feel better, have more energy, won't always be exhausted, and will leave the brain fog behind. It means more done with the time you have working regular hours (Still remember regular hours? You get them back).

3. Isn't business growth focused on marketing and sales? Why focus on performance?


But not only. If what goes on inside your business cannot handle the new sales efficiently, then those new customers that marketing and sales just brought in are going to get upset. And they are going to let you know. First loudly and second with their feet going to your competitors

Upping you abilities to bring in more customers based on marketing and sales efforts must be matched and enabled by improving aligned performance so that you don't have to keep going out and getting new customers because the old ones keep leaving. When churning customer ranks is the norm, eventually you stop being able to attract new customers because the word is out - you can't perform

Growth includes new accounts AND new buys from existing accounts. Growth is enabled on the inside by making sure everything works seamlessly and without interrupt. You can't live if your lungs decide to take a week off - same goes for your critical business performance

In session 1 you'll immediately start strengthening your critical physical and business systems

4. I've worked with trainers before - I get bored doing the same things over and over, and the routines don't work for me anyway. How is this different?

Anytime you do 1 thing over and over, you get bored. So do your muscles - which is why things stop working

During these 4 weeks, even when it seems like you'll be doing the same thing - something important is being changed: resistance increases, as muscles strengthen - small activity adjustments are made, and you'll get to work something new each week. 

Other gyms are not always careful in their trainer hires. Often, people temporarily try out the training profession, leaving it before they really master what is best for their students. Because they know this is a problem their customers hate, John and Marina make sure one of them is with you the entire time, helping you get the most out of each session's workout.

Remember those shorts and swimsuit you want to look great in - John and Marina work with you to do just that.

5. I'm not great athletically, and I don't think I need to be a Harvard scholar to run my business.

Athletically - you don't have to be great. 

The important thing is to improve. You know how to sit, stand, and ride a bike, so you are well qualified for Build Your Body, even if you are not a star running back.

Harvard scholars - you don't have to be this either. 

For the past 3 years, Cynthia has worked to create meaningful activity embedded in Build Your Business so that you get small business-ready simple-to-use yet power tools that get the kinks out. It's always the real deal, not untested theory.

But here's the kicker...  

Even if the workout gives you a few hours of physical discomfort, even if the consultation gives you temporary discomfort thinking through your business processes and customer activity, your resulting newfound fitness level and newfound exactly-what-we-needed optimization is going to start serving you well and keep serving you well long after our 4 weeks are over.  

That's why we designed every aspect of Build Your Body - Build Your Business to help you unlock the abilities you may have never known you had. We're aiming for thrive, not just survive. 

6. Does this work for both men and women of any age?

Yes, absolutely

Both Process & Strategy Solutions and Body Fusion Fitness Club have consulted and trained female and male leaders in the non-profit world and all types and sizes of businesses. Neither age nor gender is the inhibitor; your attitude toward change is. 

You cannot get a different result by repeatedly doing the same thing

We are going to help you get results, and we won't use the same things you've seen before (and if you've seen something close - we assure you nothing is used in the same way). You bring the ready to change mindset and miracles happen.

Each session builds on previous sessions. Little adjustments, over time, big changes

And if you're still with us, we can't be more excited to introduce you to our NEW, DESIGNED FOR BUSY SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS & DECISION MAKERS signature system...


You're ready to be swimsuit fit and competitively agile with Build Your Body-Build Your Business if...

You're just beginning to notice that your exhaustion level is increasing at the rate of internal chaos, and want to make sure you can stop both immediately using proven, drama reducing, strength increasing, organized building strategies

You've been trying to get in shape for a long while now, but keeping everything running isn't giving you a moment's rest. You know everyone is doing their best to make things work, but it all seems to end up making things worse and you never get out of your stressed-out mode

You've alway been the one other business owners look to for advice on running a business but there's just something small that you're missing, something that you're willing to change if you could just put your finger on it 

You have no problem investing 1 hour a week as long as you know ever hour invested is strategic and brings meaningful change, change that moves you forward

In fact, when you think about it, you've already been investing time and energy, and way more than 1 hour per week doing things like team meetings, cost reductions, implementing new ways to do things, maybe even crunches in the morning, running Saturday mornings and other things hoping things improve.

Problem is, without an overall strategy focused on results you see, your customers will reward you for, and people will complement you on, you feel more like your spinning your wheels than getting things accomplished, and soon you're saying "Why even bother - let's just live with it as best we can"  

You're nervous about what is going on in the economy, the potentially bad as well as the disruptively new that seems to be infiltrating everything- but your skeptical that the new will serve you well - a lesson learned from earlier must-have change that didn't pan out yet cost you a lot of time and money. And don't even mention the fitness fads. That's why you appreciate the customized-to-you-and-your-needs, low tech, high results focus of Build Your Body - Build Your Business. No confusing and not-yet-ready-for-prime-time fad ideas. Instead down-to-earth, tried-and-true no matter what the environment you find yourself in or what the economy is doing. Real, simple, and applicable things you can do starting right away without expensive tech, costly gym memberships, or anything else. 

You're aware of the opportunities that you will finally be able to take advantage of once you orient correctly to engage buying customers. You're DOUBLY excite because you won't be too tired to take advantage of those opportunities. Even more exciting is that your competitors can't copy what you're doing and they get exhausted just trying to keep up.

You're excited to try the super effective, real time adjusted workouts that get you measurable results fast without sweating your way through it. You can go to a meeting as soon as you're finished. 

You feel confident in grabbing your spot knowing it is only a 4 week commitment. That's just 30 days to do the work and experience better fitness physically and for your business...without any sneaky automatic payments.

If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least 5 of the 9 points above, then we absolutely CANNOT wait to meet you inside Build Your Body - Build Your Business  

By now, you already know that THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between answering with gusto the "How's your business going?" question and trying to cover up flatlining profits because you're stuck in an endless loop of chaos inducing trial-and-error atempting to get ahead (accompanied by intense exhaustion) all comes down to...

Building your body and building your business to both be strong enough to withstand whatever comes your way

Because you're still here ... let's wrap up with a halftime talk

If you're a business owner or decision-maker who's primary responsibility is LEADING a team of people to produce growth enhancing results for a fast moving need Build Your Body - Build Your Business

If you're tired of looking in the mirror and imagining how you used to look - not the muffin top you now have

If you plan on increasing revenue or running even one major initiative in the next 6 months, you need Build Your Body - Build Your Business

If you don't buy clothes because its too depressing to keep buying bigger sizes

If you've been "wearing too many hats", feel you're "stretched too thin", that you can't get away without things going haywire, you're tired of working "in your business" instead of "on your business", you need Build Your Body - Build Your Business

If you get out of breath rushing to meetings

If you've woken up at least one morning this past week in a panic because someone didn't get the job done correctly, and you're tired before you even begin, you need Build Your Body - Build Your Business


If you've got your sights set on sustainable long term growth with increased profitability,

If you're eager to achieve sustainable long term health so you can enter a meeting room with gusto and then go enjoy a summer BBQ's and a vacation without being embarrassed because your physique matches your energy level - others now hold you in awe

If you're ready, we look forward to partnering with you to make this the most rewarding and impactful 4 weeks you've experienced for the past year.