Building Sustainable
Supply Chains

ESG/Sustainability regulations are a reality.

The need for supply chain Resilience is a reality.

How will you change your supply chains without hurting your business?

California passed laws requiring carbon emission disclosures for businesses over $1B

Canada, Norway, the EU, Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, Australia, and more all have ESG/Sustainability and Human Rights laws your supply chain must support, report, and audit on.

To be compliant: governance is everything

Even if you had a magic wand to do it all, where should you start?, with the ASCM Building Sustainable Supply Chains workshop

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What is in the course for you?

United Nations SDGs/Regulation

Corporate financial disclosures Your supply chains
must meet differing regulations & have auditable governance.
You learn how here


You'll learn SCOR metrics to integrate People, Process, Performance, Practices. Sustainability. So much bigger than just ESG.

Enterprise Certification

SC transformation = competitive advantage. Certifications add more value. This course enables ASCM supply chain certification.

No Green Washing

Can people trust your data? You bet they can.
No green washing.
You use solid proof
with real auditable numbers.

Yes - need all of this!

Learn Then Do Method

This course is designed to build your understanding and know-how through practical application of the methodologies, practices, tools - the same ones used by mid and enterprise sized companies embed workable initiatives that also grow your company and attract customers.

Rapidly Integrate Global Standards with your Supply Chain

Knowing where to start gains you participation throughout your company. It's the first stage in building sustainable supply chains that generate sustainable business. You will create a customized approach to fulfilling your business strategy, instilling confidence that your supply chain efforts meet today's increasing regulatory environments, customer & investor expectations.

Elements Include:

  • UN Sustainability Development Goals, targets, indecies
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) metric standards
  • Various Country Regulations for Supply Chains
  • ASCM Enterprise Sustainability Standards for certification
  • Key global entities, frameworks, & agreements
  • Supply Chain Governance Enablers
  • Ethical Excellence

Discover how to communicate results

Converting stakeholders into believers is vital. Through use of targeted tool sets, you’ll not only learn about where to close significant gaps that lead to distrust; you’ll also learn how to create compelling support that transforms disbelief into knowledge & capability.

Elements Include:

  • Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR) metrics
  • Materiality Index and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Double Materiality and what it means
  • Greenhouse Gas (CO2) metrics & reporting
  • Supply Chain Ecological Excellence
  • Supply Chain Process Excellence
  • Workforce Enablers
  • Trust factors

Convert Separate Initiatives into Coordinated Effort

Incredible results come from synergies derived from coordinating efforts across functional areas, across business domains, and across stakeholder interests. Cooperation matures the business evenly, opens meaningful strategic discussions, and lets you combine purpose with optimal triple bottom line gains. Hands on exercises and team discussions provide helpful tips and actionable techniques to nurture your sustainability efforts, converting them into effective strategies, tactics, and operations enabling your business to survive & thrive long term.

Elements Include:

  • Hands-on team exercises
  • Class discussions
  • Supply Chain Strategy Enablers
  • Enterprise Risk & Crisis Management
  • Global Risk on Human Rights & Environmental Impact
  • Economic Excellence through Supply Chain activity
  • Readiness for the ASCM Enterprise Certification
  • Knowing & meeting Leadership's requirements
  • Resilience

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Certified Testimonials

"With this structure, supply chain, sales and stakeholders are in line and supports good communication to understand scope and deliverables on front end. This is much needed."
Regional Operations Manager

"It's a lot, but it's actually sort of fun"

- Supply Chain Planner - Chemical Company

What did you like most about the course? The ability to probe into concept for full understanding.

- Director, Supply Chain Operations/Process Improvement

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Build Sustainable Supply Chains

Live, Virtual Course

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Packed with Best Practices & Solutions

Mondays & Wednesdays

Six sessions, 4-hours each

July 8 - 24, 2024

12 - 4 pm EST

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In Short...

...your development and learning includes:

  • Developing Process, Ecological, and Ethical Excellence to embed in daily supply chain activity
  • Insights into global reporting that relies on your supply chain data
  • Globally recognized supply chain metrics to get the right data
  • Unique tools aligning business needs, investor wants, customer requirements, desired new hire purpose statements
  • Developing real, validated proof your metrics are not greenwashing, or greenlighting, or anything but true planet & business performance enhancers
  • Knowing how to enhance Enterprise Risk Management, handle Crisis Management, and build Trust
  • Priceless insights on building proactive supply chains that grow business revenue using enhanced sustainability and supply chain resilience
  • Hands-on learning of concepts so you are ready to immediately start implementing
Change is coming - I need to be ready

Your Subject Matter Expert


Approved ASCM Master Instructor & Consultant

With her engineering bachelor's degree in Solar Design of Residential and Commercial Buildings, actively working to reinstate native ecosystems, and a career in supply chain, Dr. Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky has practiced embedding environmental, social, and governance elements both personally and professionally.

As an approved ASCM Master Instructor and long time industry Consultant, she melds her supply chain expertise from a career spent applying concepts to get results. She is the CEO of Process & Strategy Solutions, a SCOR-based consultancy. Cynthia led Process & Strategy as it strategically partnered with the Overseas Private Investment Corp. (OPIC) to create bilateral economic development through business growth opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses enabling US and developing country partnerships . She is currently a member of both the Center for Women and Enterprise - NH and the UNH Paul School of Business Supply Chain Advisory Boards.

A few organizations assisted: BAE, Alcatel, Amgen, Biogen, Cisco, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Spinemark, Garrett, Microsoft, Lindt & Sprungli, Carrier, Smith-Nephew, Atrenne Computer Systems, HP, IBM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Course Right For Me?

Absolutely! This strategic course will benefit anyone who wants to improve their understanding and real-world application of how to integrate strategies, concepts, and skill sets for supply chain, Sustainability/ESG, Resilience, and regulatory compliance.

It’s especially useful for supply chain management professionals across all functional areas, planners, managers, directors, corporate strategy personnel, and Sustainability/ESG/CSR managers who need to understand how to tie in supply chain performance as a part of Sustainability.

This program works well for gaining expertise and insight on how to organize for and obtain the ASCM Enterprise Certification.

How will I learn?

First, the course is offered virtually - no travel or expensive accommodations required! A Zoom link will be sent once you register.

Second, you will learn through class discussions, hands-on team work, and a few simple digital tools we'll teach you how to use.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

The Building Sustainable Supply Chains hands-on, advanced supply chain course, 24-hours in length, is an investment of $1997. You also get free access to all future Bonus sessions offered on varying subjects.

For groups, please contact to discuss group discounts.

Your tuition includes all materials, digital tools, participants guide, and ASCM membership with access to advanced supply chain portals if you are not already a member.

While not mandatory, you can also register for the SCOR Framework workshop with your Building Sustainable Supply Chains course. You get a discount for purchasing both.

What benefit will my company get?

1) Business Leaders are very hesitant to start Sustainability changes because they do not believe there is anyone in their company who can handle the change for them.

With Building Sustainable Supply Chains: You are the one!

2) Regulations for formal Sustainability disclosures are already a reality in some countries, countries your supply chain is already in. You must satisfy these regulations, even if your supply chain originates elsewhere.

More countries are actively pursuing regulations. You will be able to protect the world, its people, and your profits all together. The State of California just put forward legislation for sustainable reporting requirements for supply chains.

Formal U.S. regulations are expected to be out this fall. No need to tell you regulations are legal requirements.

Adding to regulations are the investors, customers, and activist groups that require change and integrated purpose, or no investment, fewer customers, more difficult time hiring employees, and media call outs because sustainability is not embedded in your supply chains.

You already have the capabilities of running successful supply chains. Integrating the Sustainability & Resilience components should not be a challenge - Building Sustainable Supply Chains makes sure of that.

What do I get for completing the course?

You will receive 2.2 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for 100% attendance. If life happens and you miss a few hours, you can make up those few hours in the next course offering and obtain the CEUs.

You also earn a Process & Strategy Course Completion certificate. Again, if you miss a few hours, you can make the hours up in the next Building Sustainable Supply Chains course to achieve your certificate. For those who are not able to make up hours, you will receive a Certificate of Participation to apply to your yearly performance, learning, and development goals.

Your class hours count toward your ASCM maintenance points.

What If I Have Questions?

Please send your questions to

Are you ready?

Start your journey to
Building Sustainable Supply Chains

Live, Virtual Course

Includes regulatory insights

Best Practices, Solutions, & More

Mondays & Wednesdays

Six sessions, 4-hours each

July 8 - 24, 2024

12 - 4 pm EST

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