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Proven Results - B2B List Building

Rapid List Build 

No more one-at-a-time manual list building. 

Get targeted leads fast, in bulk, and exactly who you need to sell to

Current Leads

No more fighting through out-of-date info 

Start talking to clients who want to buy what you sell now

Fast Setup

Push button setup. Push button search

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Does any of this sound like your lead generation strategy?

Give a presentation and hope to collect busiess cards to get emails of people who will buy from you

Write an article, hopefully have people go to your website and click something to leave their email address 

Search websites, google, paid databases, anywhere & everywhere for valid email addresses

Use Facebook, pay money, hope for interested connections that somehow give you an email 

Go to networking meetings, hope to meet someone new who's interested in your product/service, get their business card, start the cycle

Tired of spending eons of time trying to build a productive email list? Tired of not succeeding? 

There IS a better way - keep reading

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You need to sell, now, today ...Don't let a simple list get in your way

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Automated software app that ties seamlessly to your LinkedIn profile - but searches elsewhere 

Up to 1000 current, unique, high value leads each month

Over 96% of all email addresses are current and active - way better than you get for paid lists

1/2 hour live Strategy Session for your business only

Never having to sweat a product or service launch again because you don't have a list - now you do

One button downloading of Excel files with new contact data

What you get 

Tested and reworked for over 2 years to get you the simplest tool available anywhere for building contact lists, and it meets privacy requirements - including GDPR

Easy enough to set up yourself - but your rapid success is our passion - so we train you on

  • How to narrowly target your searches for high value customers
  • How to use the tool safely (no LinkedIn jail for you) 
  • How to set up more advanced searches as you grow so you keep growing
  • Templates for email copy so you don't have to start from scratch
  • How to stay in control at all times - no runaway automation - only amazing, unbelievable lists


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