As a hiring manager, it takes time for you to train new hires - which means you're working 12 hour days, 6 days/week, with a few more hours at home as well

As a new hire, it takes time to learn how to fit into a company - especially when everyone is working crazy hard to satisfy customers

What if a simple solution existed for new hires to learn supply chain, data, and tools generally while developing an internal network specifically - often within 90 days?

... would that be of interest to you and your company's success?

Here's Why Anything Less than an Enthusiastic *Fist Pump* is Costing You Time and Money

Everyday, managers get farther behind while new hires get discouraged because they don't see their career path quickly enough.

question is...

Is there anything out there that will allow managers to achieve performance goals while having new hires quickly climb the learning curve despite the fact that business is more hectic, complex, and faster than ever?

If you've been searching for a realistic way to accomplish these seemingly conflicting activities...

... and you're looking for a qualified training option - not one created by people who have supply chain, data, and tool experience from a book - but from real supply chain experts with master training abilities

Then keep on reading

because what follows could easily be the pivital moment in building your supply chain, data, and tech tool knowledge in a complex business environment you look back on with satisfaction in just a few weeks.

The Multi-Million Dollar Questions 

(And why I cringe when someone can't answer with solid data)

How much money does your company spend on training/trainers who have never worked in supply chain, operations, logistics, procurement, IT, IS, or a scheduling area?

No one has time to waste on retraining what was incorrectly trained the first time - especially you. We don't waste your time or money.

How much time is spent talking about your company's network instead of developing and expanding it through new hire activity?

New hires need to develop a far reaching network starting Day One if your customers are to be satisfied now without waiting for all the training, meetings, and running around to end.

How much work is piling up for your teams while new hires slowly come onboard - or leave quickly because they don't see the future they dream of having?

Solid onboarding sets new hires up for future certifications & advancement helps keep them interested & excited about your company while shortening the learning curve.

The Top 3 Reasons Most Hiring Managers are Still Stuck with a Cronic Case of 

New Talent Envy

Reason 1: Your overwhelmed and distracted by annual goals, critical projects, urgent customer orders, necessary team building, aligning metrics, making decisions to keep things humming, writing additional new hire training needs

You started in management knowing you'd be wearing many hats.

But in today's talent stretched market, where everything is changing - as in absolutely everything

You feel like you need a hiring

How do you find talent that understands what is and what needs to be, the big picture and the small, as well as being able to come on board quickly enough to begin making a difference, at least a small one, in 90-days or less?

What you need is:

A system that takes new hires from zero to hero fast by building insight and understanding 

Reason 2: Your a permanent resident of Chase-Your-Tail Hell

New hires cycle flow through your area like water down a waterfall

Just when someone is trained and ready to contribute, they hire in down the street and you have to start all over again.

Those who leave say it's money, yet research says it's not understanding an organization's sense of purpose or lack of a clear career path.

Which is it? 

Thing is, you're adding benefits, explaining purpose driven work, and spending time helping new hires understand how what they do benefits constomers - plus - there are career paths. No one waived a magic wand and suddenly you were in a job that was never even conceived of before. 

At this point you're just wondering what, if anything, will make new hires interview, stay, and put forth their best efforts

What you need is:

A solution set that helps provide the big insights and the detail; the "how things are connected" as well as the individual contribution. An overview that sets the purpose driven stage, excites new hire imaginations with what is possible in multiple functional areas, all while providing enough detail so they can begin to plot their career paths.

Reason 3: No matter what, you feel that you'll always be left just "crushing through" the talent shortage. 

It's taking everything you've got...

...adjusting your training to improve knowledge retention

...adjusting your work load to give prime hours to your new hires

...leaving critical projects and goals until later

Worse yet, it seems to not make a difference.

You're afraid you'll be stuck in this never ending cycle of training and explaining why nothing else was finished, why team projects were put on hold - again, why metrics didn't improve...

What you need is:

A new system from Day One that begins taking the burden off you for all the training - leaving you only with the training you must provide because of your area requirements, or that you chose to provide due to your unique expertise. A system made by experts who've been in the same part of the business as you. A working system that allows you to reintroduce project work, continuous improvement, and end the hours taking up your time at home. 

Training that transforms "crushing through" to "throughput".

 "Cynthia is a vault of knowledge" 

Michael Gebera Director of Operations, Tapecon

The Good New Is...

Bringing New Hires Up To Speed Is Easier Than Ever

No need to tell you how reliability, responsiveness, agility, and cost containment can go right through the window if a new hire isn't trained.

You know this all too well

So what is the magic that helps you transform a new hire into a trained, confident novice without immediately overwhelming them with the day-to-day complexity you have to deal with?

The understanding of why specific performance is needed?

The ability to turn to their internal network when they need an answer outside your group's domain of expertise?

The insight into how supply chain, data, and tech pieces fit together into a strategic picture?

The cool career that new hires can build starting right now in your organization?

How can we start bridging those gaps quickly?

The Accelerated Productivity System

That's the biggest question I've had to answer for all the hiring managers I talk with and survey to better understand what they need to make it easier bringing new talent in and keeping them.

Traditional HR overviews provide some insight into how people are placed in a company, some idea of the products, and a bit of intro into the culture, but most do not have knowledgable been-there-done-that personnel training new hires in supply chain, data, and tech systems that you know they will be interfacing with. That leaves the remaining training up to you.

What if we treat new hire onboarding as the beginning of their jobs, not just quick papers to sign, org charts to view, quick who we are training and marketing videos? 

Accelerating Productivity is a complete end-to-end overview for:

  • Rapid learning of what internal and external supply chains are, how the pieces link together, and what each one does
  • Introduction to functional tools like inventory grids and forecasts - and why they are important
  • Practice hands-on decision making to drive home concepts
  • Development of a personal corporate network through interactive exploration of your company
  • Practical how-to for creating processes, why they are used, how they support performance, and how even as a new hire their insights matter when it comes to continuous improvement
  • Understanding why metrics and processes are important and support company strategy - which in turn shows career paths and growth opportunities

Because here's the thing... can't afford to lose more time doing needed training all by yourself don't have the luxury, although it may currently be your reality, to focus solely on bringing the never-ending-churn of new hires up to speed - you have goals to accomplish too, and an area to run can't just hope new hires will be excited enough to stay AND to create measurable results in 90 days. Results like demonstrating company process knowledge, product knowledge, and the beginnings of a healthy, working internal network

And you no longer have to.

No time for fluff

Don't let the Dr. scare you off - Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky is all about making sure performance and learning are rapid, on target, and immediately applicable to your organizatation. 

Experience in industry starting as a manufacturing engineer, then in supply chain and management consulting, the federal government, Head of Entrepreneurship in academia, and as a master professional instructor allows Cynthia to merge best practices so you don't waste time, money, or opportunity

Working with you, we accomplished in 3 months what took 12 years in my previous company.

- Challen Steere, Co-Founder, Executive Home Services

She knows Supply Chain from the ground up both with the mind of an engineer as well as a customer champion. Great to have a teacher who has been there, done that but also has an eye on the future of things to come. I was able to apply some of the teachings immediately and look forward to leveraging more as I go.

-Angie Apperson, Business Program Manager – Supply Chain -Deliver, Microsoft

Introducing: Supply Chain Career Launchpad

Supply Chain Career Launchpad is the first digitally available, fully engineered, onboarding program to excite new hires to ramp up quickly through hands-on discovery and training to begin contributing to your supply chains, operations, and support areas no matter how much change is happening .

Hands-on to expand previous knowledge or develop basic knowledge

Discovery to rapidly learn your organization, who does what in which capacity and why so that you no longer have to wait as long for new hires to have genuine impact

5 Ways Supply Chain Career Launchpad Will Make You Sigh With Relief

8 "Core" Modules that introduce strategy, tactics, and operations in an easy-to-understand way, explain tools new hires may see in meetings, as well as what types of answers must be provided to make your company run successfully

Bonus lessons to highlight at a beginner level concepts, methodologies, easy tech insights - including some advanced like augmented reality (AR), and common problems

Interviews with experts like Bob Stahl (S&OP - merging external views with internal reality), Deborah Winkleblack (retail logistics), and Leon Williams (defense contracting) that help showcase what is expected and what it takes to move up a career ladder

Hands-on experiential learning about supply chains, tech, and data by working multiple elements of a single case study - Your Cookie Company - where new hires are the supply chain managers. The case study flows through all modules for a continuous build of knowledge and understanding of what different functional areas contribute to a company.

Discovery into your company as to who does what why through network building exercises


First Progress as works best for you and your company 

Start at the beginning and work straight through for big picture into operational activity flow


Start at the end and work backwards to begin with the day-to-day detail looping into larger tactical and strategic concepts


Choose the module matching where a new hire will start and then pick and choose modules as you spiral out them out into larger concepts

Second Onboarding can be delivered in multiple ways - your choice

Delivery can be purely digital, learned individually on a set schedule or on a deadline for completion

Facilitated delivery enhances introduction into your company, culture, and unique way of achieving results by mixing both the digital learning with unique corporate training requirements

Matching delivery choices to desired results by providing the best mix of HR, departmental, and/or Process & Strategy facilitated worksessions or live online coaching/Q&A sessions

Third Each module explores a strategic or supply chain element 

Introduction: For those new to supply chain, data, and tech jobs, this module contains much more than a mere "here's what you get" video. New hires discover what jobs their natural talent will lead them to in business performance. They also get a hint of what those jobs are responsible for

Module 1- The Big Picture of Supply Chain: simple insights into how processes build and align to deliver what strategic planning wants, what finance does, and how information is captured - which leads to cost discussions and a bit about data - what it's good for - why we need it - how it is used

Module 2 - Creating Process: hands-on trials and overviews of flowcharts, swim lanes, business process mapping and even a bit of operational statistics to help with the "why these tools are needed" and "what they must produce quality-wise" 

Module 3 - Handling Demand: What is demand? How do we know what is coming our way? A quick intro into forecasting with a little demand shaping thrown in to keep their thinking up to date. Bonus lessons get into what the bullwhip effect is, why we don't want it, and we sneak in a primer on S&OP so new hires can see a career path into demand planning

Module 4 - Understanding Capacity: Often overlooked until now and quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of supply chain planning/data tracking/and tech enbling - having a grasp of capacity leads to successful agile performance. 

Module 5 - Inventory Management: Where is everything and why should a new hire care? Lots of fun stuff here: counting, tracking, inventory grids, distributed resource planning - seeing one of these grids so they no longer strike fear in the hearts of your new hires

Module 6 - Designing Supplier Requirements: We can't do anything without raw materials, so how do we line up suppliers and rate their performance? Do we always go for the cheapest provider or use some other measure? And just what is meant by relationship management anyway?

Module 7 - Making Product: Once the heart of a company's supply chain, now one of the many critical elements, how does manufacturing morph into what is required when customers are setting the requirements? A quick look at manufacturing environments.

Module 8 - Moving Product: Overlooked for a long time, warehousing and logitics now create the image marketing tries to sell customers on. What goes on inside, outside, what are all those documents for, and hey, why is there a drone in our warehouse? 

Resources: a list of professional trade groups, ways to continue learning and network with peers

Fourth Bonuses to enhance learning 

"Aha" insight capture, surveys (including their supply chain genius), concept worksheets, interviews - all are interspersed throughout all modules so that learning is turbo-charged

Each individual has a full year of access, including all updates and additions. As new projects and opportunities show up, your new hires can jump back in and quickly review the basics

Volume discounts starting at 25 "seats" are available and are initiated via email to Subject Line: SCCL invoice - or simply click on a picture below and fill out the form

For every 50 "seats" purchased during a calendar year, a live, virtual, private Q&A session is scheduled at no extra charge

If desired, course customization can be included for your company - examples: additional Q&A or changing the Cookie Company into your company embedded with exercise problems you want new hires to practice thinking through. This option has an extra fee and time element.

Fifth Results 

While it's true that no one can guarentee results due to the varying ways individuals learn and companies use Supply Chain Career Launchpad, it was developed to deliver results. While new hires won't instantly become masters of supply chain, they will be introduced to big picture, details, and tools (with a bit of advanced tech thrown in for fun). Introduction that aids in:

  • shorter time to productive results: results including things such as asking pertinent questions in meetings, knowing area processes, being able to see the connection of processes from outside the area into area processes, being familiar with company products and their basic support and supply chain needs
  • seeing that there is a career path in your company - even if it isn't detailed it out during other company onboarding
  • igniting curiousity about the rest of the business - in addition to the area hired into
  • kickstarting the journey to becoming a significiant contributor
  • linking big picture strategy requirements to process and operational activities
  • knowing what elements such as cost savings and lead times are, why they are used when, how they help or hurt a company 
  • not being afraid of other functional areas - not even finance
  • uncovering your company's purpose

The best part about Supply Chain Career Launchpad is you don't have to wait years to see results. They start happening quickly.

Collaborating with an outside functional area? Jump in and have your new hire use module insights about area concerns.

Example: Intimidated by an inventory grid? Boost understanding fast with Mod. 5 

Afraid a solution will get a supply chain in trouble? Query the new internal networks for answers.

I want to purchase 1 seat:

Click on the rocket to launch

Scroll down the new page to the dark blue "My Individual Purchase" button

Click, then add payment info and ta da - you're in

I want to purchase multiple seats:

Launch by clicking the rocket group here and fill out the form with:

1. Your name, title, and contact info 2. Company name, address, and website 3. Number of people ready to lauch their supply chain, data, and tech careers (we'll get names later)

Info for your budget

One (1) full year access per individual

Bonus private Q&A: every 50 unique seats/year

"Public" Q&A as scheduled and announced

Potential measurable ROI beginning 90-days 

Pricing - all volume orders & discounts invoiced 1 - 24 seats: $ 597/seat 25 - 100 seats: $547/seat + private Q&A session(s) 101+ seats: $522/seat + private Q&A sessions


Once a "seat" is accessed online, all files and information are immediately available - no waiting or timed release. This gives you maximum flexibility - it also means we cannot refund that seat. 

Full refunds (minus credit card or other 3rd party added fees) made by emailing a request to - must have participant's name, email address, and request must be made before course is entered. The email must be received in time to close out access before the course area is entered.


Often asked questions and their answers are below. 

Got a different question? 

Click the question mark and send it in an email.

Subject line: SCCL question 


Questions your fellow supply chain managers/executives asked before saying "yes" to time saving, ROI producing, career enhancing, onboarding

Question 1: I want to do this, but I'm already stretched waaaaay too thin. How much time is this going to take?

We hear you.

Today's business environment has never been so demanding, time consuming, and talent needing.

Like you, we've searched for just the right talent, only to lose them to another offer. 

And adding another training element to your never ending must-get-done-list? We've thought and strategized long and hard for you on this subject.

Here's what we came up with for you...

Supply Chain Career Launchpad was created with built-in flexibility for how and when you want to have training conducted.

Individual? Digital access is 24/7. You can even assign the modules or lessons to accomplish in specific timeframes so that you can review progress and their developing understanding of you company.

Group facilitation? Your choice: do it all and keep everyone focused as you want on the schedule you want share the facilitation with other functional experts giving new hires insights often only received after considerable time in the company - timing is flexible - once per week, once per month - speed depends on your needs and schedule contract Process & Strategy to facilitate (extra charge for this)

If you know that the current mode of bringing new hires up to speed and keeping them interested in staying at your company is just not getting the job done, then we strongly suggest you employ Supply Chain Career Launchpad.

The creator, Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky, is a results driven application, not theoretical, instructor. No fluff. No impractical stuff.

You get faster contributions - meaning you're ahead of everyone else

Question 2: As much as I want this course, budgeting presents a problem.

How much budget money is wasting being inefficient with your area's time and talent because new hires are not up to speed?

How much money and competitive opportunity is wasted because you can't work on projects as scheduled, which means, you squeeze them in with overtime and crashed projects as fast as possible when a sliver of time shows up - which may mean your competitors have one up'ed your company due to project delays. Additional budgeting won't change lost competitive stance due to late project work. It just may negatively affect future revenue.

Create a set of measures to prove meaningful ROI for the course and your budget approvals. Metrics that are built for new hires, not your sustainment area. For example: - avg. time to understand area processes and what they accomplish - avg. time to begin asking insightful questions about processes, activity, projects, and products - average new hire time with company vs average new hire time with company using Supply Chain Career Launchpad  

Discounts are cumulative over the course of a year - so you can phase in training of new hires.

In some states, Supply Chain Career Launchpad course can be fully funded through workforce development grant funds, leaving your budget intact and gaining you community praise. Please ask about this.

Question 3: Shouldn't this be left to HR - isn't this their job anyway? 

Anymore, making sure a new hire has the potential you need and stays with the company is a team effort.

...HR has its piece to play (and if you are under a grant - see above - then they are the POC for grant data). If you chose to facilitate the training inhouse among various functional areas, HR is the logical choice for coordination. have a piece to play - but now you have flexibility in how you play and what exactly you really need to be involved in

...other functional areas can also have their parts to play - and they would also get additional flexibility with faster cross-functional cooperation built-in

Working as a team or individually, Supply Chain Career Launchpad is a jumping off point for increased agility, responsiveness, and reliability that propels your business forward

Question 4: Can't I just get this from a college or have them go through certification courses instead? 

Colleges and universities are theory based. Supply Chain Career Launchpad is application and experience based. 

Yes, it takes some of the new tech and shows where it could be used how, but that is so your new hires not only feel they are "in the know" with the cool tech community but also in the know for your future tech options.

Certifications - way too advanced - often for those who have been in only one area of supply chain before as well. Cert courses are usually "fire hose" style learning and assume they have basic knowledge - which you cannot assume with new hires. Supply Chain Career Launchpad get new hires' feet wet in all the different areas, support and direct supply chain, and highlight basic tools and concepts before employees ever have to master them for a test. This gives employees time to apply things they've learned to your company's benefit.

Fine tuned to hiring managers' input and new hire "wants", Supply Chain Career Launchpad was created to help solve your talent problems of keeping your new hires by immersing them into your company as well as showing them the bigger picture of staying with you.

Question 5: So what exactly does this cost and what do I get? 

Besides the path to a shorter learning curve, insight into the bigger supply chain picture, understanding of how tech must be aligned with processes and strategy, as well as building an internal network, you get:

8 modules of lessons with worksheets and company discovery application

Discovery into your company and building of internal networks

Hands-on experiential learning from a single case study worked through all the modules

Bonus interviews with hiring managers and experts so new hires understand what is expected 

Q&A sessions to clear up areas where new hires may be stuck.

A course built by a supply chain and operations expert who is also a master instructor - not a curriculum development company that has no idea of what strategy, operations, and supply chains really are. An introductory course - not a master's class.

You can get both volume discounts as well as private Q&A sessions depending on how many registrations you purchase in 1 (one) year. Here's the pricing (a year is a full year from initial purchase) click here for group purchase:

  • <25 seats = $597/registration, no private Q&A sessions (eligible to participate in all "public" Q&A sessions as offered), one (1) year of access, individuals can pay online by clicking here and then scrolling to individual purchase button
  • 25 through 100 seats = $50/seat off, one (1) private Q&A session with every 50 registrations purchased within the one (1) year time frame - click here to start
  •  101+ seats = $75/seat off, one (1) private Q&A session for every fifty (50) student registrations purchased within the one (1) year time frame - click here to start
  • If the same company makes multiple purchases, the total will be cumulative for a full year. However, the pricing will be invoiced for the number of seats currently and previously purchased during the calendar year - no discounts will be given for forecast purchases. If new amount is less than discounted price invoiced, then an invoice for the difference will be sent for payment.
Individual Launchpad Purhase Here