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SCOR-DS Framework:
Mon's & Wed's, August 12 - 28

FREE Bonus: Digital Capabilities, Sept 9

• Six 4-hour sessions
FREE bonus session
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12 - 4 pm EST
9 am - 1 pm PST, 6 - 10 pm CEST)


Having a great supply chain is more than just moving products.

It’s about getting results customers will repeatedly pay you for—and that starts with integrating processes, performance, practices, and people to outperform your competition. Start with what you have, then build cohesively.

You get existing SCOR knowledge that over 5000 companies around the world use now to handle today's supply chain complexity.

Starting with SCOR's Framework, you'll be able to:

  • talk with your End2End supply chain easily
  • integrate meaningful SC metrics with the company's strategic business plan
  • rapidly narrow exactly where problems are occurring AND what the true effect is on your SC AND your business AND create perfectly aligned solution sets for rapid results you get rewarded for

Want to implement the SCOR Framework, but don't know where to start?

  • Choose to combine SCOR Framework & Implementation Essentials

In Implementations Essentials, you'll work with the expert, time proven formula for to get clear, needed insight from your SC data, strategic alignment, integration across functional areas while still providing customers with exactly what they demand of you and your supply chains - perfection every time

This is the exact formula Process & Strategy successfully uses with its Fortune 500/Global 500 clients.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in SCOR


Different definitions and siloed operations make it difficult for cohesive business activity. Set the right strategic performance mix and problems vanish. Alignment is automatic and embedded through all strategic, tactical, and operational areas. It's like magic - and you'll learn it here.


Processes are the heart of sustainable business. But when customers reign supreme and processes are ignored to keep the customer happy, sad things happen inside your business. Discover how to embed your supply chain's custom metric hierarchy into aligned processes for unparalleled speed, perfection, and agility.


New tech is changing the game. Understand when new is better, when current is good enough, and how your decisions affect performance now and in the future.


Too much has changed and there are too many competitors for top talent for you to use old-school ways of hiring, promoting, and moving people. Optimize the combination of people, tech, performance, practices, and process instead. Find out how in SCOR-DS

Bonus -
Digital Capabilities Model

Join your global supply chain counterparts in our optional SCOR Bonus session

You are already digitally transforming.

Because you know that digital transformation is a requirement, not a differentiator.

It's a requirement because it must align flawlessly, improve customer experience, and increase data availability in real time.

How do you get all that at the same time?

How do you achieve digital nirvana faster than your competitors?

Taking our SCOR-Framework course gets you into our free DCM (Digital Capabilities Modeling) bonus session on Sept 9.

You'll get the answers to your supply chain digital capabilities questions.

"I needed this 2 years ago"
- Supply Chain Manager

In short

In SCOR Framework, you learn how to:

  • Modularly map supply chains with standardized building blocks
  • Communicate in the same language with the same metrics meaning the same thing across your entire business
  • Create metric hierarchies aligning strategic KPI's through operational activity with transparency and real-time updates
  • Create sustainable metric hierarchies that embed into existing supply chains as everyday work - no special initiatives needed
  • Integrate with Lean and drive Kaizen top line results

Do you need to implement SCOR to keep up with the pace of change without causing chaos? Yes? Read below

Add SCOR Implementation Essentials where you learn how to:

  • Transform your supply chains with measurable results
  • Optimize inventory, processes, product availability, and service levels with SCOR tool sets
  • Integrate digital technologies seamlessly
  • Add effective communications to Leadership and your teams
  • Create a prioritization matrix for closing gaps based on your SCOR strategic performance scorecard
  • Enhance supply chain growth
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The level of detail is amazing, didn't expect it.

- Derick M Littlejohn, Supply Chain Engineer

Words of praise from past attendees


This made me see the big picture in supply chain and new technologies and performance improvements. This is one of the great workshops...

Y. Seo
Senior Buyer - Top Line Process Company


Loved taking Cynthia's SCOR-P Endorsement class. She knows Supply Chain from the ground up both with the mind of an engineer as well as a customer champion. Great to have a teacher who has been there, done that but also has an eye on the future of things to come. I was able to apply some of the teachings immediately and look forward to leveraging more as I go.

Angie Apperson
Business Program Manager Supply Chain
- Deliver at Microsoft

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this class for?

The SCOR strategic workshops are designed for professionals in and supporting supply chain as well as their leadership (managers, directors. as well as VP or C-level depending on company size). Make your career investment and learn the global supply chain language of SCOR.

Typical company attendees include people from SCM, operations, finance, procurement, planning, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, materials, quality, IT, IS, data analytics, engineering, and customer service.

Time commitment?

Each session is 4 hours in length. Breaks are included. Every session starts at 12:00 pm EST

During your session time - you are getting ready to implement - not just sit and get, but doing and achieving

Process & Strategy offers FREE Bonus Sessions which provide answers to questions about new trends/ solutions/ methodologies you need to know for successful integration into your supply chain - all without shutting down innovation or causing chaos.

What questions will SCOR answer for me?

  • Which area of supply chain should I focus on first to get the best and fastest ROI?
  • How do I get control of my supply chains?
  • How do I align supply chains with the business strategic plan?
  • What combination of initiatives will give me the best inventory control and improvement financially?

Aha's from our SCOR class...

Any supply chain structure can be built, depending on the principles and metrics the business decides are important and chooses as priority to measure

- SCOR participant, Fortune 100, Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Does SCOR work?


Here's the success other companies achieved:

  • Average operating income increase = 3% of sales
  • Outperforms competitors on all major supply chain indices
  • 20% inventory turns improvement
  • 25% delivery reliability improvement
  • 20% improvement in flexibility
  • 30% faster ERP system implementations with 30% more functionality and reduced implementation cost.
  • Implementation plan with result metrics readied in approximately 4 weeks for Fortune 100 company

Should I take just one course?

What you take depends on what you want to do with the SCOR expertise you develop.

If you need to understand what others are doing with SCOR, then SCOR Framework is enough.

If you want a current, advanced supply chain course to fulfill training requirements, then SCOR Framework is enough.

If you desire to understand what the bell weather companies in your industry are doing to succeed when others fail, then SCOR Framework is enough.

With SCOR Framework, you will master SCOR's framework, End-2-End SC mapping, metric hierarchies, and Strategic Performance Scorecard building.

Still, if you want to implement SCOR or master SC change, there's more you should add to what you are already doing.

Aha's from our SCOR class... SCOR really is an end-to-end framework of the entire supply chain.

I plan to immediately start implementing SCOR with our client projects.

...I loved the very small class ... It was almost like one-on-one training...

I plan to recommend the course to all of my colleagues who have not taken any formal SCOR training. For those that do plan to take it, I will 100% recommend that (they) take Cynthia's course.

- Thomas Lang,
Principle, Supply Chain Solutions, Logistics Management Institute

Why should I add Implementation Essentials?

If you want to use SCOR to…

  • Have unique tools to improve understanding & that integrate with tools you currently use
  • Update your metrics to industry standard using hierarchies providing vertical & horizontal SC visibility
  • Create supplier scorecards based on your company's Strategic Performance Scorecard (which you’ll practice developing in SCOR Framework)
  • Organize, prioritize, and solve supply chain problems based using prioritized Strategic Performance Scorecard trade-offs
  • Solve for SC root causes and measurably improve SC performance rapidly
  • Map different SC levels of understanding making it easy for management to understand the problem and your ask
  • Create a standard transformation journey moving from context to As-Is to requirements and into To-Be - monitoring results as you go
  • Introduce SCOR into your company in an organized manner that doesn’t interrupt business
  • Successfully integrate your end-to-end supply chain partners
  • Integrate project management (including agile) & change management from the start

...then you should register for both SCOR Framework & Implementation Essentials

SCOR today's supply chains -
Join our Master Instructor

Dr. Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky trains, coaches, consults, and advises organizations of all sizes and industries throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Here's a sample of who she's worked with and taught: U.S. Department of Defense, Apple, Amgen, Atrenne, Biogen, Lindt-Spruengli, Garrett Metal Detectors, Microsoft, Caterpillar, BAE, Cisco, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Berry Plastics, Raytheon, American Airlines, DuPont, Intuitive Surgical, Laborie, MarkForged, United Nations, Institute of Technology - Carlow, Stinnette Associates, Elm Plating, Mosaic, and more.

Having started her career as a manufacturing engineer and now with a doctorate in Industrial Engineering, she's passionate about eliminating chaos by helping you choose the right customer focused performance mix to meet your strategic plan, beat customer requirements, incorporate sustainability, resiliency, and integrate advanced technologies to capture market share and keep customers coming back to you.

Cynthia was one of eight global Leads who created the NEW SCOR-DS framework (SCOR-Framework). She led global teams of SCOR professionals from the US, Mexico, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Kenya, the Netherlands, Egypt, Jordan, Brazil, South Africa, and Canada as well as practitioners of SCOR in global, multinational companies.

She is a globally recognized consultant, master SCOR instructor, an Authorized ASCM partner, strategically partnered with OPIC (now the U.S. Development Credit Authority), specialized in solar design for her bachelor's degree, and has taught hundreds of participants, from IT and supply chain professionals into the C-suite about aligning successfully for measurable, sustainable, benchmark-able, rapid results.

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You really need to take a course like this to understand SCOR.
Really enjoyed the course - thank you.

- Larry Banville, Programme Director Supply Chain

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